Royal Helix Jump 3D

Royal Helix Jump 3D

Royal Helix Jump 3D invites you to participate in an exciting jumping game. Rotate the platform so that the boy jumps on the black bricks while avoiding falling on the red bricks; otherwise, you will lose. The game requires quick reactions when controlling the rotation of the platform to help the boy jump. Go as far as possible!

How To Play

To start the game, touch the screen and drag right or left to move the platform. When the platform starts moving, pay attention to the boy and align the platform so that he can jump on the blue bricks. With each step, you will go deeper; the farther you go, the more points you will earn in the mode. challenge. Don't let the boy touch any of the red bricks; otherwise, you'll have to start over. Also, you can choose level mode and complete the level by reducing the marked weight. How far can you go?

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