Jumpero challenges players to out-jump their opponents by navigating a maze of obstacles. Jumping over blocks is a must for progress in this robot-controlling game. You must triumph over your rivals in order to claim the title of first place! Can you sprint as fast as the wind and leap the bricks? After that, how about we enjoy ourselves?

How To Play

Is this the most bizarre and entertaining race you've ever faced? Jumping over the bricks in this race requires you to control a robot and time your jumps correctly. The timing of your jumps and hits with the bricks determines how far you can go in the race. The key is timing your clicks correctly and letting go when jumping; otherwise, the bricks will fall and your character will fall. Run as fast as you can while dodging hazards. Properly time your jumps to successfully overcome every obstacle. Battle it out with blue copies of yourself to see who can come out on top. To help you go faster, you'll encounter boosters while you play the game. I hope everything works out!


  • Uncomplicated and easy-to-use buttons
  • Many various challenges
  • Engaging physics-based video game
  • Rich, three-dimensional visuals


Use a mouse or touch to jump.

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