SCP-096: Modest

SCP-096: Modest

See if you have what it takes to survive in SCP-096: Modest. A ghoulish demon by the name of Modest will befall you. He is under the constant care of a unique laser system in a secure laboratory. It would be a catastrophe if anything ever happened to him. The monster will stop at nothing in its pursuit of the victim, no matter where the latter may have taken refuge. It appears that you and the monster were in the same laboratory at the time he broke free. And your mission is to stay alive for seven minutes straight. Ready? Success to you!

How to play

Investigate the depths of the labs where human subjects were experimented on. Keep a close eye on a room containing the most dangerous mutation, whose name is Modest. Get ready to feel the most thrilling sensations and genuine dread as a result of what's happening. In the abandoned labs below ground, you are to guard the most dangerous mutant. You will routinely inspect his room for signs of damage. Don't stare directly into his eyes. Otherwise, you can provoke anger. And he makes an effort to harm everyone who gets a glimpse of his true form. Since he will be following you through the lab's rooms and hallways, you need to get out of there quickly. Since he constantly kills in a fit of rage, it is imperative that the prisoner not be allowed to escape. Carefully investigate every room you pass through; you never know what you might uncover, from a useful tool to a lethal weapon.


  • Visual and aural stimulation of the highest calibre
  • Poor mood
  • Various Tasks
  • Exciting and terrifying plot
  • Easy-to-use control setup