Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror

A running game with a spooky touch, Geometry Dash Horror. You're about to enter a new, terrifying adventure. The uneasy cube is present, and it's not fun to be around. In order to complete the stages and win the game, you must jump quickly over the spikes and carefully avoid the other obstacles. Enjoy!

How to play

You are cordially invited to take on a series of increasingly difficult challenges in a terrifying environment. And you'll need lightning-fast reflexes to outrun them. The player's job is to lead their character safely through a series of increasingly difficult rounds populated with increasingly difficult enemies. Players must now hop over and avoid objects that are actually dangerous, such as spikes and chainsaws. Quick thinking and the ability to anticipate and avoid potential threats are essential to your success and survival. Additionally, they need to gain access to numerous bonuses and awards. The artwork and music on each level are appropriately terrifying.


Use the W key, space bar, or mouse button to quickly go to the next page.

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