The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow puts you in the role of a nanny who has been recruited to watch over a little girl overnight. Can you handle a truly terrible adventure? Try out a scary game on your own and see whether you can handle the challenge!

How to play

In this game, you take on the job of a babysitter and are tasked with watching over a particularly mischievous infant. At first, everything at work appears regular, but then you start to notice some strange patterns. The baby's unexpected attack is yet another thing to watch out for in addition to feeding, changing, putting to bed, turning lights on and off,... At first glance, your babysitting gig seems like any other, but soon you begin to suspect that something is not quite right and that the child in your care is more dangerous than he seems. You visit a strange baby at his or her home. Are you up for a challenge that will require you to use all of your mental faculties? How long can you keep it together?


  • Experience the thrill of highly realistic 3D animations.
  • Attempting to care for a malicious youngster will give you a burst of adrenaline.
  • Explore a mysterious house without letting your fear get the best of you.
  • Get various jobs done all through the night.