Level Devil

Level Devil

Test your quick reactions in Level Devil. Escape from a dangerous tunnel that lurks at any time. Always be alert and respond quickly to any sudden trap. Deep holes, sharp spikes, or ceilings will fall at any time when you try to run to the emergency exit. How many levels of this dark hell can you get through?

How To Play

It's time to show off your survival skills with lightning-fast reactions. A dark tunnel traps you everywhere. Run quickly to the emergency exit! However, the game is not as easy as you might think. On the way, there will be many dangerous traps: deep holes, sharp spikes, or the ceiling falling suddenly. You never know when they will appear. But that does not make it difficult for you. Train yourself to react lightning fast to such unexpected situations. One slow step will cause you to lose and have to start over. Don't let that hinder your progress. Conquer the following difficult levels with increasing complexity: Beat the levels and advance to the demon level!


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Use Space to jump

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