Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost tests your obstacle course skills thoroughly. The game introduces many dangerous and complicated traps into the environment. Navigate the stickman safely through the many obstacles on the way. Perform high jumps, jump, climb walls, crawl, parkour, swim,... This game pushes your skills to their limits. To win, you need to put in many hours of practice. Do you have the confidence to conquer the finish line?

How To Play

The objective is to guide your stickman through a maze of perilous traps and obstacles by executing incredible parkour moves in the most fluid manner possible. A plethora of hazards await you: spikes, spinning fans, bouncing shirin-gan, unstable platforms, buzzsaws, mace, alien robots, swimming pools, and moving hacksaws. Sliding down is all it takes to avoid ceilings that are sharp. Aliens in the sky pose a serious threat, so keep your distance if you come too close. Consequently, you should try to outrun their pursuit by running as quickly as you can. Additionally, it is crucial to be skilled in parkour skills. Kites, rockets, motorcycles, and more are at your disposal in this game, so you can conquer challenges.

Keep in mind that the end objective is to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. Stay on track to cross the finish line by following the arrows. Make sure you stop at each of the numerous checkpoints spread out along the course. No need to fret if you meet an untimely demise while traveling. If you want to start over from the last checkpoint, that's an option. Coin gathering is also a crucial duty. Get as many coins as you can by doing your best.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hold out for better opportunities.
  • Run and leap your way through the game, keeping an eye out for the green arrows to ensure you don't get lost.
  • Save your progress by checking all of the checkpoints.
  • Think fast, because there are always challenges.


  • There are a total of ten stages, plus two extra stages.
  • Several perilous hazards and traps
  • Helps with leaderboards
  • Several maps
  • Stunning 2D visuals and lively audio


The "ARROW KEYS" are used to move, jump, and slide.

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