Squidly Escape Fall Guy 3D

Squidly Escape Fall Guy 3D

Help Squid Game characters avoid dangerous traps in Squidly Escape Fall Guy 3D. An engaging 3D game that challenges the character to avoid dangerous obstacles and traps, try to cling to the wall, and reach the bottom safely. Challenge your skills and dexterity in this fun game.

How To Play

Remain composed and concentrate on surviving; quick reflexes are essential for evading explosives throughout the game. In order to stay alive, you must descend from the tower's peak and land safely on the designated floor, all the while dodging hazards such as red and activated walls. Assuming it's feasible, you should try to gather diamonds as they fall in each stage. You can pause to look at stars, but you can't pause at places with other objects. Additional skins can be unlocked in the store using diamonds. Be wary of touching the bumps on the wall; doing so may cause them to explode, which will result in a loss and the need to start over. Good luck!



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