Super Thrower

Super Thrower

Get ready to cause complete anarchy on the battlefield and establish yourself as the undisputed master of Super Thrower. an extremely fast-paced action game that puts your reflexes and tactical thinking to the test. Position your character in front of an enemy or an object, and they will immediately launch it at their pursuers with devastating force. Struggle your way through a variety of challenging levels. Is it your goal to flaunt your taste?

How To Play

Enter the exciting world of Super Thrower, a challenging journey that will put your aim and brain to the test. Just point your character in the direction of an enemy or an item, and they'll toss it with devastating power. There's never a dull moment because of the endlessly varied levels and their unique set of obstacles. Experiment with new skins to express your individuality. Numerous cool clothes are available for your player character to wear. Super Thrower can help you throw with grace and power.

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