Only Up Or Lava

Only Up Or Lava

Get ready for an exciting but extremely dangerous adventure that tests your skills and courage to the limit in Only Up Or Lava. Here, you are a heroic character and are about to participate in an adventurous challenge in front of a hot lava sky. Show off your high jumping skills, overcome obstacles, and avoid falling into this dangerous lava pool. To complete this difficult challenge, you need to accurately calculate your jumps and climbs. Any mistake will cause you to lose. How many of these difficult and challenging levels can you complete?


How To Play

In this exciting parkour game, players will get to test their parkour skills while completing levels. Start by stepping out the door; before your eyes is a sky of dangerous, hot red lava. Make precise jumps on the rocks; don't fall into this lava lake, otherwise you will lose. The game tests your courage and determination as you overcome daily obstacles and challenges. When you complete the level, you will have the opportunity to conquer the next level with more difficulties and challenges. One factor that helps you win this game is to be very careful and calculate accurately before each of your jumps and climbs. Don't let any carelessness happen. Good luck!

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