Only Up Parkour 2

Only Up Parkour 2

In Only Up Parkour 2, you'll be able to reach new heights! The second half of this entertaining game is here. Your objective is to lead the protagonist through a vertiginous maze that is jam-packed with hazards. Quick thinking, pinpoint jumping, and expert climbing are required to avoid falling off cliffs and smashing into obstacles. Hitch a ride on an exciting adventure where you get to show off your parkour abilities and face new challenges at every level.

How To Play

The goal of this game is to reach a height of 500 meters while avoiding hazards. Drawn from the hit video game The player must navigate the protagonist through a vertical maze laden with hazards. Skillfully and nimbly traverse platforms that allow you to jump and overcome obstacles. To keep from tumbling down and smashing into obstacles, you need to be fast on your feet, precise with your jumps, and agile with your climbing. Levels get harder and introduce additional challenges like jumping platforms and obstacles as you go. This game redefines parkour in the virtual world with its stunning visuals, ever-changing open terrain, and plethora of free-running obstacles. In order to progress through the level, you have to cross the finish line before the time runs out.


  • WASD - Move.
  • Space - Jump.
  • Shift - Release.
  • E - Interact.
  • P - Pause.

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