Mario Combat

Mario Combat

Prepare to have the time of your life on Mario's next journey in Mario Combat. In this fantastic game, you can help Mario on his exciting adventure to defeat the evil Bowser. To defeat the bad guys that are trying to stop Mario, you'll need to help him employ all of his fantastic fighting moves.


How To Play

Like entering Mario's world, this game is fast-paced and exciting. Your primary objective is to aid Mario in his quest for victory. Bowser, Mario's greatest adversary, appears as the last big bad boss. You'll need lightning reflexes and a steady hand to get through the levels without getting knocked out too often as you leap, kick, and punch your way to victory. Can you guide Mario to victory by defeating Bowser?


  • A Left/Right Distinction Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Using the up arrow key will cause you to jump.
  • To reach the final castle in each level, press the space bar.

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