Mr Fight Online

Mr Fight Online

Master Mr Fight Online and vanquish its villains. Playing by the rules of physics, players in this game of wrestling and combat must use their strength and agility to thrash and toss their opponents to victory. Use the might that your character throws to smash through any opposition. Gain access to stunning skins and multiple game styles. Have a good time!


How To Play

Get ready, because your challenger is waiting. The goal of the game is to progress through the stages, eliminating all adversaries on each platform and eventually setting new high scores. Play as the main character and guide him to victory and destruction across 40 incredible levels! In order to access subsequent stages, you'll need the stars you earn during the game. Have you practiced your wrestling moves to the point where you can pin your opponents? So, if you're ready to display your skills, then let's get started! All the best, and have a blast!


  • Flat, three-dimensional images
  • An exciting game with 40 challenging stages
  • Easy-to-use buttons
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