Mixed Macho Arts

Mixed Macho Arts
Mixed Macho Arts is a Mexican wrestling game characterized by merciless duels that can get physical and even chaotic at times. Fighters depicted as macho men in pixel art have taken to the arena. They employ sophisticated strategies, such as spinning around to land blows on each other. Flowing lava may be seen beneath the platform. It's game over if either player scores three points first.

How To Play

Use your hands and feet to punch and hold your opponent, and keep your fingers crossed that they'll stumble into it. Whether you're going it alone against the IA or playing locally versus a friend, the battles will be hilarious and full of surprises. To win, you'll need to use only two keys on the keyboard to send your opponent packing from the arena. To defeat your opponent, you must throw them into this river. The game lasts for five rounds, and each participant has three lives. The player needs strategy, coordination, and venom to prevail in his Mixed Macho Arts duel, despite his befuddled expression.


  • Initial player: "A,D"
  • To the other player: "LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS"
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