Gun Fest

Gun Fest

Gun Fest tests your reflexes and shooting combat abilities. Become a famous bandit as you collect more weapons and destroy everyone who stands in your way. Enhance your reflexes by controlling the gun left or right to multiply and add more weapons. Avoid subtraction and division. Increase your weapons and your fighting ability. Upgrade weapons to fight better!

How To Play

It's time for you to carry out the bank robbery plan you've been cherishing for so long. Control to collect more guns; destroy everyone who stands in your way. Collect as many weapons as possible by moving into the plus or multiplier wall to multiply more weapons. Avoid subtracting cells or dividing the old gas you have. When you have enough weapons, you can easily destroy all the hundreds of thieves that stand in your way. Experiencing rapid speeds intensifies the difficulty. The game helps you practice faster reflexes when passing levels. With attractive gameplay and a high tempo, the game is addictive for hours.

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