The Last Miner

The Last Miner

Prepare for a dangerous adventure in The Last Miner. Immerse yourself in the world of colorful block graphics, where you will participate in a battle for survival in the apocalypse. Use guns to shoot all the zombies that are encroaching on this world. Attention, they are everywhere; be careful! Choose the battle environment and start this thrilling battle of survival. Save the world from sick zombies with your hero skills.


How To Play

Prepare state-of-the-art weapons and a courageous spirit for this survival battle. The demons have raged and destroyed our beautiful lives. As a hero protecting the truth, you do not allow that to happen. Take guns and grenades, aim at all the zombies that are coming, and collect essential resources like bullets and water. Destroy them all and return to a peaceful life. To start, choose a combat environment: forest, city, or industrial. Each environment offers 10 different levels of terrain complexity. Unlock all the levels by killing zombies in each level. Don't forget to upgrade your gun weapons and unlock new skins like glasses, backpacks, protective gear, etc. Show off your fighting skills!

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