Super Craft Bros Runner

Super Craft Bros Runner

Super Craft Bros Runner invites you to take part in a sprint challenge. Chase the robber to get back the stolen gold. Take part in endless running in the colorful world of Minecraft as a Pixel Hero. Run forward, paying attention, to avoid all obstacles, trains, and vehicles on the road. How far can you go?

How To Play

If you're ready for this challenge, start testing your skills. The gold you saved has been stolen; chase the thief and get it back. Join the chase to collect your gold. However, pay attention to avoid obstacles on the way: oncoming trains and buses. The game challenges your skills and quick reactions to incoming situations. Jump, lie down, or move left or right to accurately avoid oncoming obstacles. Don't let any collisions happen, or you will have to start over. Go as far as you can and collect all your stolen gold.

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