Minecraft Ballance Challenge

Minecraft Ballance Challenge

Test your balance and dexterity skills in Minecraft Ballance Challenge. A pixelated action game inspired by Minecraft with exciting gameplay. Try to keep the guy balanced on the platform and hold the ball before time runs out. Take it slow and maintain perfect balance.


How To Play

Remaining on the platform while holding on to the ball until the timer goes off is the goal of the game. The arrow keys or WASD keys on your keyboard will control your ball. Take care to steer it around obstacles and rough ground. More challenging and faster-paced levels are unlocked as the game progresses via its difficulty curve. Hold on for dear life if you can. Maintain your composure, think on your feet, and respond swiftly!


  • Conceptualized from pixel art reminiscent of Minecraft.
  • A number of difficult levels will put your reflexes to the test.
  • Revolutionary balancing mechanics provide exciting gaming.
  • As the level of difficulty rises, the excitement builds up.
  • Stunning scenery with a wide range of terrains to uncover.


Use the mouse or arrow keys to play.

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