Stickman Leave Prison

Stickman Leave Prison

Free two stick figures from prison and guards in Stickman Leave Prison. Control each character's ability to collect money and keys in order to reach the emergency exit and escape from each level. The intricate design of each level features a variety of dangerous obstacles. Use flexible skills and a smart strategy to escape. How many levels can you complete?

How To Play

Embark on an action-strategy game. You have to think smartly and act skillfully to escape from each level. Each level includes different obstacles and challenges. Containers, sharp spikes, deep holes... Leap over guards, perform skillful high jumps on spike holes and crates, and sprint to the undiscovered safe exit door. Remember to collect coins and keys along the way to help you open the exit door. Redeem bonuses to unlock many new skins and skills. Move each character one by one, and practice flexibly using the control keys to help you play better. Have fun!


  • Avoid moving and jumping obstacles, use WASD
  • Collect money and keys, move safely to the emergency exit and escape.

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