Stickman Thief Puzzle 2

Stickman Thief Puzzle 2

Stickman Thief Puzzle 2 lets you become a notorious city thief. Use cunning tactics and strategic thinking to pull off heists across levels. Extend your arms cleverly to steal various items and individuals. Don't let anyone find out about this, or you'll have to start over. Have fun!

How To Play

Get ready for fun theft missions in this game. Your mission is to perform theft missions at each level. The game will provide different settings and items that you need to steal. Use your magical arm, which can stretch anywhere you want. However, draw the path of your arm cleverly to avoid detection. In addition, you need to avoid surrounding dangers such as electric umbrellas; you can be electrocuted if you are careless. A tip to help you succeed: draw the path of your arm through other objects to avoid obvious paths and avoid touching the sitter. You will have to start over if you are detected. How many levels can you complete?


Mouse-click or tap to play

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