Stickman Fight Ragdoll

Stickman Fight Ragdoll

Stickman Fight Ragdoll invites you to participate in a tough fight against formidable opponents. Control your stickman character to continuously throw punches and kicks at opponents, depleting their life bar. Flexibly coordinate attack and defense to help you survive in the end. Upgrading weapons helps you become stronger and fight better. Good luck!

How To Play

It's time to go out and show off your ultimate fighting skills. Players can choose single-player mode, which involves playing with the CPU. You can also opt for the two-player mode to engage in gameplay with your friends. Control the stickman's ability to fly in the air and launch powerful attacks. You should continuously punch and kick your opponent to knock them down and reduce their life bar. Moreover, it's crucial to evade enemy attacks in order to maintain your own life bar. Keep track of your remaining lives by referring to the hearts located in the top right corner Additionally, remember to upgrade your weapons to enhance your attack performance, including various types of swords, knives, blades, and axes. es, axes, etc. Come up with a wise attack strategy to help you win!

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