Stickman Dash

Stickman Dash

Stickman Dash invites you to become a true ninja warrior to destroy criminals. Break into a building filled with criminals, but be cautious with your every move. The guards are patrolling, and they possess dangerous sniper guns. Don't get too close to them without being prepared; they will shoot you immediately! Plan your attack wisely, using the special power of the magical sword you possess. Rush in and destroy them quickly. Quick reflexes are very important! Good luck!

How To Play

As a brave ninja hero, break into a building where dangerous criminals are present. They need to be knocked down. However, you must initially evade the pursuivants who are roaming the corridors. You can out-plan your foes and bosses by using the walls to execute spectacular double assaults. Here is the sharpest sword we have, and you can make it even sharper if you like. To complete a level, you must guide your character step-by-step while destroying all of your adversaries. You should probably avoid standing too close to them, since they might shoot you. It is critical to move swiftly. Keep going until you've beaten every level of this thrilling game and unlocked all the swords to level up your character.

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