Sword Run 3D

Sword Run 3D

Sword Run 3D invites you to participate in dangerous yet extremely exciting action challenges. Run on the bridge, collecting sword pieces and cutting away obstacles. Avoid the red iron spikes; if you touch them, you will lose and have to start again. Earn points to upgrade new skins. How many challenging levels can you conquer?

How To Play

Are you ready to overcome obstacles and win with your skills? Press the Start button and get started. In this game, your task is to use your sword to collect sword pieces to receive points. At the same time, slash the gray obstacles blocking your way. Be careful with the sharp red pieces of iron; they can hurt you when you touch them, and you will lose. If you can't avoid them, use your sword to slash them, even though it may deduct points from you. If you collect more swords, you will earn more points. When you overcome all the challenges, at the end of the path, you will slash a stacked block. Slash them to increase your strength and sword. Have fun!


Slide to move.

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