Mad Medicine

Mad Medicine

Mad Medicine invites you to join the race of injured patients. Help your wounded character collect as many first-aid supplies, gems, and useful resources as he can to recover his health. Pay attention to avoid obstacles; they can cause you more injury and even death. The more your fitness improves, the easier it will be to win the race. Will you become the winner?

How To Play

Get ready to participate in a humorous race on this health topic. You are a patient with many injuries and are sitting in a wheelchair like many of your competitors. Try to recover quickly and heal your wounds; that will help you become the first winner to reach the finish line. To do this, along the way, you need to collect first-aid tools, gems, and useful resources. The more you collect, the faster you will regain your healthy figure and health. Avoid obstacles (knife pits, walls, etc.) along the way; they will cause you more injuries and lead to death. Other patients are also trying to recover. Better fitness will help you reach the finish line faster. Become the winner on the leaderboard!

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