Stickman Boost 2

Stickman Boost 2

Welcome back to the second part of Stickman Boost 2, with more dangerous new challenges. If the first part created a fever among many Stickman game fans, this second part promises more new features. Control a stickman as he explores a mysterious maze with countless traps and dangerous obstacles. Complete 10 challenge levels and two bonus levels!

How To Play

If you are ready with your obstacle-overcoming skills and agility, Hit the start button and prove your skills. Your task is to help the stickman explore and pass through various mazes. Avoid dangerous traps like spikes, spinning fans, hacksaws, alien robots, buzzsaws, bouncing dart guns, etc. Don't let any carelessness happen, or you'll have to start over. Pay attention to performing high jumps, flying in the air, or sliding down correctly. To be sure to go the right way, follow the green arrow symbol. Don't forget to collect coins (50 coins in each level) and complete the level as quickly as possible. Try to achieve the best results and get on the leaderboard!


  • Move - Arrow keys A/D or Left/Right
  • Jump - W or Up arrow key
  • Press/Use - S or Down arrow key

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