Peet Sneak

Peet Sneak

Getting to the restroom in the thrilling puzzle game Peet Sneak requires navigating through areas filled with hazards. Take charge of Peet, who needs to use the restroom right away. The only nearby facility is secure and under security. Avoid pitfalls by solving puzzles and out-timing your enemies in challenging escape levels. Can you help poor Peet find the fastest way to get to the bathroom in time?

How To Play

You must find the key to the restroom on each level while evading the security guards. Direct Peet's movement in-game by using the mouse or touch screen to click or drag a line to the desired location. To eliminate your enemies, use a fart attack after sneaking up on them. Stay out of the gaze of the guards at all costs; otherwise, you'll have to duck and cover! Level ends if opponents manage to capture you. Nobody can stop Peet once he has gathered all the keys in a level. He will automatically destroy any guards that stand in the way of the bathroom he desires.

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