Falling Party

Falling Party

Falling Party tests your quick reflexes in thrilling gameplay. Players will gather on a field, observe the image on the screen, and quickly choose to run to a similar image that is changing on the ground. Push other players out of the picture and be the fastest and only one to stay on the field. If you are wrong, you will fall into space and lose. Become the ultimate winner!

How To Play

Are you ready for this test? You and other players are standing on a square playing field. This field will change into different image blocks when the robot touches the image board. Look at the robot's photo and quickly run to the box with the same image. Pay attention to other players who are also racing with you; be quick to be the first to reach the image box. Because if you stand on the wrong square or slowly, the squares without pictures will fall into the air, and so will you. You will lose and have to start over. A note to help you win this game is to observe and run quickly to the image box similar to the dirty robot photo. The photo will continuously change to test your quick reflexes. Be the only survivor on the field. How many levels can you complete?

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