Save The Sausage Man

Save The Sausage Man

Rescue the sausage man from dangerous situations full of different obstacles in Save The Sausage Man. Our sausage man is captured by an evil force and hangs up in full danger of losing his life. Each situation has a different, complex, and dangerous design. Help him stay alive and escape successfully!

How To Play

The sausage man needs your help! Please help him escape from the chains. Each level is a different challenge, designed with dangerous obstacles. Untie him, one by one, in the right order. Avoid letting him fall into spikes, bombs, or traps and lose his life. To do that, you need to deduce and use your intelligence to open each lock button to help him successfully escape from the levels. The game requires problem-solving skills and logical reasoning to solve each situation. How many levels can you unlock?

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