Spider Swing Manhattan

Spider Swing Manhattan

Spider Swing Manhattan lets you play as your favorite superhero as he uses his web to swing between the tallest buildings in Manhattan. To maximize your score, you'll want to get as far as you can. Get some airborne fun by jumping on the trampoline. Try to use your spider wire to assault important portions of nearby structures. Cast your webs from the available spots, spin around them to maintain momentum, then launch to soar to the next spot!

How To Play

Like a legendary superhero, you're about to go on an adventure. Gather your gear, don your face mask, and limber up for battle. Neither walking nor adventure sports equipment are necessary to get from one building to another. Stay away from the blinking lights, the air conditioners, and the innocent bystanders who are just trying to do their own thing. To go on to the next position, simply release the rope. On your screen, the white dot represents the closest available spot. Watch out for impending danger and plot your course of action accordingly. The game is over if you hit one by accident. Keep it in mind.


  • Extending and enticing gameplay
  • Sharpen your reflexes
  • A few basic controls
  • Engaging subject
  • Accessible with handheld gadgets

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