Space Room Escape

Space Room Escape

Rescue the cute cat from the mysterious house in Space Room Escape. Embark on exciting adventures in mysterious houses at different levels. At each level, the cat will be stuck in a house with different obstacles. Help the cat fly up and move to the round door to free the cat from the house. Think of a reasonable way to free the cat as quickly as possible.

How To Play

Are you ready for the mysterious adventure of freeing the cute yellow cat in this game? Your task in this game is very simple: think of ways to help the cat escape from the intricately designed houses in the levels. At each level, you will face different house design challenges. Control the cat by double-tapping or tapping the screen to help him fly high as he tries to reach the free circle. Don't forget to collect objects around the room to help you gain bonus points. The higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes. Think logically to help the cat reach the door of escape as quickly as possible. How many levels can you complete?

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