Redline Express

Redline Express

Redline Express invites you to participate in a heart-stopping battle on the roof of a speeding train. You are a brave hero on a mission to find the truth. Fight and unleash powerful punches and kicks on the oncoming monsters. Show off your ultimate fighting skills!

How To Play

If you're ready, start the fiery fight now. You, as a hero, have no right to fear at this moment. Jump on top of a high-speed train and fight against crazy monsters. Show off all the skills you have. Critical attacks, powerful punches, and kicks on your opponents. Act quickly; destroy them all before they destroy you. Your mission is to destroy them all. Feel the vivid sound filling the airline, bringing exciting battles. Pay attention and have a smart attack strategy. They'll rush to attack you from all sides. Developing a strategy that incorporates attacks in high-risk areas can enhance your chances of victory and protect your life reserve. Don't forget to monitor the life bar to ensure your attack progresses. When you destroy a monster, it unlocks a new door. Destroy all enemies and return the peaceful world to the good people.

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