Duo Vikings

Duo Vikings

Embark on an adventure to explore a splendid castle and a precious treasure jar in Duo Vikings. Help two Viking characters raid the castle and overcome many dangerous obstacles. Success requires cooperation and a creative strategy from these two brave warriors. Invite your friends to explore the treasure in the secret castle!

How To Play

Assist two courageous Vikings as they navigate a massively defended citadel and dodge hazards in this action-packed adventure. To reach the end of each level, combine the abilities of all the characters. Even the smallest Viking has superhuman jumping, squeezing through narrow spaces, and wall-breaking abilities (with a hammer, of course). With his power, the biggest Viking can lift his companion onto his shoulders, and he can even hover a few meters above the ground with his shield. As you go forward, the archer's foes will try to halt you by firing arrows; to avoid harm, you can use the shield's blocking ability. Doors will open, elevators will start, and certain things will break when you step on the trigger. To gain entry to Valhalla, complete the castle's 20 rooms and retrieve the treasure at the end.


  • Arrow keys A/D or left/right to move
  • To jump, use the W or up arrow keys
  • Use the down arrow key or press the S key

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