Ragdoll.io invites you to join the fierce chaos of combat between Ragdoll characters. With your fighting skills, make sure you have a healthy body. Attack your opponents with powerful punches, kicks, and clever use of weapons. Delivering critical blows to opponents causes them to deplete their life bar. How many strong opponents can you fight?

How To Play

At each level, you will have to fight a different infamous opponent. Each person has their own powers and weapons. Each individual possesses a unique set of powers and weapons. Avoid your opponent's attacks as quickly and cleverly as possible. Don't let them bring you down. Launching continuous attacks at opponents causes them to deplete their life bars. A tip to help you defeat a ragdoll opponent quickly is to strike and use a weapon to attack the ragdoll's head, causing them to quickly fall. Be the last person standing in matches, and then go on to fight in the next levels. Good luck!

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