Rooftop Snipers

Rooftop Snipers

Get ready for a duel between two pixelated characters on top of a skyscraper in Rooftop Snipers. Control your character's ability to jump and make precise shots to knock out opponents before they shoot you. Become the last winner standing on the rooftop.

How To Play

It's time to show off your ultimate shooting skills. Choose single-player or two-player game modes. In single-player mode, you will fight against AI. Or you can invite more friends to compete in two-player mode. The task is to accurately direct your path. Take down your opponent before he does the same to you. Conquer different challenging levels and practice your shooting skills to the limit. Unlock other levels and new characters. Immerse yourself in colorful pixel graphics and feel the exciting sounds of gunfire.


Player 1

  • W key to jump
  • Key E to shoot

Player 2

  • Press I key to jump
  • Key O to shoot

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