Ragdoll Shooter

Ragdoll Shooter

Become the best shooter in Ragdoll Shooter. Participate in duels between two ragdolls in different arenas. Point your gun at your opponents and take them down before they destroy you. To catch the perfect moment, tap to aim. Determine the bullet's path into the ragdoll's head in order to defeat it as quickly as possible!

How To Play

Participate in a thrilling gun battle between two ragdolls on different terrains: on the roof of a high-rise building, on a boat next to a train, on a city street, etc. Your mission is to destroy opponents as fast as possible before they defeat you. Click and wait for a moment to complete the hand pointing towards the opponent. Aim to knock out the ragdoll's head in one shot. Become the winner at each level. The fewer bullets you use, the more coins you get. How many levels can you win?

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