Monster School 3

Monster School 3

Get ready for an exciting and humorous challenge in Monster School 3. You will become a student in Monster School, with a series of challenges from teacher Herobrine that test your problem-solving skills and quick reflexes. Immerse yourself in Minecraft-style pixel graphics and humorous gameplay that will keep you laughing for hours!

How To Play

In Part 3, players must take on the challenge of drawing block lines on the ground to navigate around dangerous obstacles. Avoid lava pits and traverse the terrifying Obunga Face. Each level has a different, dangerously complex design that challenges your quick reflexes. However, you must act quickly to chart his path. There is an uphill section to avoid blocking. Don't allow him to become stuck because of a mistaken drawing or a slow response. The fast-paced game moves from platform to platform quickly, requiring players to react quickly. Try to draw the correct path to help the object go as far as possible. Don't let your classmates laugh at your mistakes.



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