Monster School Challenges

Monster School Challenges

Show off your skills to become the best student in Monster School Challenges. Do well in the bottle flip, parkour, and roller coaster challenges to get an A. Each game has its own challenges. Prove your skills and talent in school.

How To Play

Along with his monster pals, Noob is in class. He needs your assistance to pass each class. The three primary attractions are the roller coaster, bottle flip, and parkour. All of the classroom characters are playable in these games. If you want to be good at bottle flipping, you should aim to land the bottle straight. The goal of parkour is to complete a run without slipping while dodging obstacles. The goal of this roller coaster game is to drive your vehicle as optimally as possible while avoiding TNT balls. You will be graded with a F if the work is not completed satisfactorily and an A if it is. Now is the time to demonstrate your abilities!

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