Herobrine vs Monster School

Herobrine vs Monster School

Join the journey to regain justice and defeat the terrible animals in Herobrine vs Monster School. Evil Herobrine is furious with the Monster School students, and you get to play as her. Now he uses a bow to exact revenge on them in this cube universe. Over time, Herobrine grew increasingly furious with the Monster School's disruptive students. Consequently, Herobrine made up his mind to wipe Monster School and all its associates clean out with his crossbow, some wooden arrows, and TnT!

How To Play

In Herobrine vs Monster School, you take on the role of a furious student club president. They don't know who they've messed with, but the Monster School students are making Herobrine's life hell by mocking him and his skills. Killing bosses, skeletons, snails, and zombies is now your responsibility. Do not surrender to your perilous enemies. Instead, battle valiantly by swiftly loading your crossbow with arrows and using the laws of physics and your excellent aim to defeat terrible animals.

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