Mini Duels Battle

Mini Duels Battle

Engage in a thrilling duel between two equally matched players in Mini Duels Battle. The game offers many different and extremely interesting mini-games between two players. Invite your friends to join and discover the many thrilling games waiting for you. How many games can you win?

How To Play

Prove your diverse skills in the arena of many games in Mini Duels Battle. If you are ready, let's start this game. This game includes a series of the most popular games, such as Drunken Boxing, Drunken Duel, Wrestling Games, Table game, etc. Each game will be a different challenge, requiring players to be flexible, have agility, and have the necessary skills. The game has both single-player and two-player modes. So invite your friends and challenge them. Have fun!

If you want more difficult challenges, try Super Thrower, Hero Telekinesis. Prove your comprehensive skills and become the ultimate winner.

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