Hero Telekinesis

Hero Telekinesis

In Hero Telekinesis, develop your intellect and psychic powers to become a super hero who can manipulate physical objects with your will. Attracts things and throws them at foes. Shoot down the towers and utilize the rubble as projectiles. Huge bosses are armored, adversaries use shields, and they constantly shoot arrows at you. Use your telekinetic powers to wipe them out!

How To Play

You will encounter enemies, terrifying bosses, and puzzles along the way. Put your telekinetic skills to use and finish all the game's many quests and objectives. You will develop psychic abilities that go beyond the norm, giving you an advantage in combat and the potential to create your own superpowers. Training will help you pick up these abilities. Pick up objects and hurl them at your foes using your telekinetic abilities. In combat, you'll use your telekinetic abilities to manufacture weapons, clear routes, and shield yourself from harm. Take on powerful bosses and unlock your hero's full potential.


  • Right mouse button – Attract
  • Left mouse button – Throw mouse – Look around
  • WASD – Movement – Running

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