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Noob Shooter: 2 Players

Noob Shooter: 2 Players

Noob Shooter: 2 Players challenges two players to work together to complete missions and defeat increasingly difficult adversaries in order to stay alive. This new game features everyone's favorite Minecraft character, Noob, and is a must-play for any player who enjoys the Minecraft series. Enjoy!


How To Play

  • Boldly push forward through each level's unique set of hazards, such as mines, bombs, and sharp items, and be ready to face up to 18 levels spread across 3 worlds, armed with a total of 19 potent weapons. Prepare for combat by eliminating your foes one by one. Depleting an opponent's health bar results in their losing a life, and once they've lost all of their lives, the match is over. You'll get access to more powerful weaponry and more challenging environments as you progress through the game.
  • Either you or a friend can take control of Noob in the 2-player mode, with one of you using the WASD keys and the other using the arrow keys to navigate him around the screen while the other shoots at the computer. All you have to do to make the noobs fire is point them in the direction of the enemy.

If you like the Minecraft character Noob and want to experience more of his games, you can visit the Minecraft games collection. Have fun!

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