Hill Climbing

Hill Climbing

Hill Climbing challenges your driving skills on a steep, rolling hill. Choose your favorite car and start your journey to explore new lands. Pass through beautiful fields and farms with fun music. Control the car, control speed on steep slopes, and avoid overturning the car. Unlock many other vehicles for a different driving experience. How far can you conquer?

How To Play

Are you ready for this exciting driving journey? Your task is to drive the car as far as possible. Do everything you like: speed racing, aerobatics, and more. However, pay attention to controlling the speed and mastering the control keys on steep slopes. Your car will easily overturn, and the game will end if the guy's head touches the ground. Don't forget to collect coins on this journey; it will help you unlock many different types of vehicles. You can choose from trucks, jeeps, vehicles with multi-gear wheels, etc. Each type of vehicle will bring a unique driving experience. Try them all! Pay attention to the remaining fuel level and collect gas tanks on this journey. Don't let your car run out of fuel in the middle of the road. Go as far as possible! How far can you record the longest distance? Please share it with your friends!

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