Car Physics BTR 80

Car Physics BTR 80

Car Physics BTR 80 allows you to control an eight-wheeled vehicle on a rolling hill. Control your speed on bumpy roads and avoid flipping the car. Don't forget to collect coins scattered along the way and overcome obstacles that hinder you. Drive safely to the finish line and complete the levels.

How To Play

Are you ready to sit in the cockpit of an 8-wheeled military vehicle? It looks like an off-road tank with an extremely powerful engine. Your task is to control the vehicle on rolling mountainous terrain with many obstacles. Keep a reasonable speed on each route, slowing down on steep downhill sections. Your vehicle will easily overturn on downhill sections and collide with obstacles at high speed. Don't let that happen! Try to collect as many gold coins as possible; you can use them to upgrade your car and buy items. Use Nitro to feel the powerful engine and excitement of acceleration. Have fun!

If you want to challenge your driving skills more, you can try Hill Race Adventure.

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