Wheel Duel

Wheel Duel

Start your motors, buckle up, and get ready to race your opponents through a variety of challenging stages in Wheel Duel! Is it time for you to test your driving and fast-thinking abilities? Then why wait any longer to prove your superiority in this exciting 3D environment?


How To Play

The objective of this game is both easy and entertaining. All you have to do to win each level is make it to the finish line before your opponent does. Your vehicle's wheel size is under your control. You can get around some barriers by making your wheels bigger, while others need you to make them smaller. You can get from A to B more quickly with smaller wheels, but with larger ones, you can make greater and higher jumps. If you are the first player to cross the finish line, you win that level. When you cross the finish line, your vehicle will be propelled farther, and you'll earn a bonus based on where it lands. These can be used to purchase perks and cosmetics for your car. How exciting!


  • Bright, realistic 3D images
  • Exciting and demanding play
  • Several tiers of difficulty
  • Components of various cars must be unlocked
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Various Metrics to Boost

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