Freaky Monster Rush

Freaky Monster Rush

Freaky Monster Rush bring terror to your enemies' dreams. While avoiding hazards, you must run and collect bioenergy. When leveling up your hero or engaging in boss battles, stick to the green areas. You can now smash through walls with ease, toss people into pools of poison, and fully complete your metamorphosis into the personification of terror by doing these things.


How To Play

Free yourself from their grip, run away from the cruel scientists, and exact your vengeance. Collecting the elixirs and maintaining a high health bar require you to move left and right. When you run into things like barrels and walls, you might suffer a little harm, but nothing an elixir can't remedy. If you can punch the guards out of the way, you can enter via the matching doors. All the tools you need to create a convincing monster are right here behind these panels. Get all the pieces, stay out of the lava, and pass through all the deadly traps to win the doctors' vote. Focus, face your foe, and hurl them into the abyss of space!


  • Customizable avatar skins
  • Wonderful 3D effects
  • Well-known figures from the horror genre
  • Mobile device users can enjoy a fun game

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