Poppy Huggie Escape

Poppy Huggie Escape

Get out of your nightmare with Poppy Huggie Escape! There's a terrifying monster right behind you, and it's closing in fast. In this terrifying game, you must run, leap, and slide your way through the house to safety. Can you sprint as fast as you possibly can to get away from this nightmare?

How to play

In this horrific video game, your objective is to survive the encounter with the terrifying creature without losing any body parts. Wuggy is leading his enemies into a terrifying maze of a room where the evil kissy is free to roam. To find the necessary number of keys, you'll need to go through them all. Don't lose your balance or run into the spikes as you ride quickly and steadily. Prepare an exit strategy; Scary Huggy's back for another terrifying room escape game. You can duck under tunnels lined with spikes by hitting the down arrow key. If you make it to the end of the corridor with a sufficient number of keys, you will complete the level.


The features include frightening 2D visuals, a dark setting, simple controls, a difficult playing surface, a built-in jogging mechanism; and an automatic timer.

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