Boxed Boxes

Boxed Boxes

Discover the gem and conquer all the Boxed Boxes maze boxes. Your item will have to collect green gems in each current maze and conquer other mazes that require more skill. Please help the characters complete the challenges. How many mazes can you pass?

How To Play

Boxed Boxes will take you to discover precious gems in mazes full of obstacles. Run and jump high on high steps. One thing that makes the game more difficult is that when you start to reach the second maze, the character will lock himself in a box with a small cube inside. You need to move the outer box by pushing the inner boxes to move together and jump. This becomes difficult with high jumps or narrow slopes. The game requires many skills as you progress to the next level. Avoid getting stuck and conquer collecting gems in the next maze spaces.


  • Arrow keys/WASD to move
  • X/Space to jump
  • R/C to try again
  • Escape/P to select level

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