Steve Hardcore

Steve Hardcore

Assist Steve Hardcore in his latest exploits. Ready for Steve's thrilling journey? All the obsidian pieces must be gathered, and there are green creatures lurking behind every corner. Get to the newly exposed black hole with all the pieces intact. Get to the cave portal by descending into the abyss. Get to the portal without getting hurt. Enjoy!


How To Play

Amass the necessary items and head on over to the freshly minted black hole. To reach the cave's entrance, you'll have to make your way through the crater. Without getting harmed, you must reach the doorway. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move and use the spacebar or up arrow to leap. Avoid death by pits and traps by jumping over them; kill creepers, zombies and other enemies by landing on their heads after jumping over them. You are currently in the hardest mode possible. You've got three strikes against you. Don't go for the kill shot; it won't work. After three deaths, the game will reset, and you'll have to begin from the beginning.

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