Blockhead Universe

Blockhead Universe

Make your Minecraft dreams come true in Blockhead Universe! Embark on an incredibly fun action-RPG adventure in a beautiful, blocky world. Compete against notorious guys who are trying to compete with you to collect items to build your own fortress. Collect all the items that will help you survive!

How To Play

If you're ready, start the game now. Your mission is to build your own fortress, repair magic pipes by cutting down trees, and collect amazing Buddhist items and weapons. As you progress, you will face off against other infamous individuals in order to equip yourself with various items and weapons. Be brave to destroy them with the weapons you have, aim your bow and arrow like a pro, and get ready to explore a new world with many complex creatures. Don't forget to collect gems and coins to help you level up your weapons. Become the hero who decides the fate of the Minecraft world!


Use Arrows to move

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