Embark on an exciting adventure in a magical forest full of dangerous monsters in CraftMine. You are a hero and are tasked with exploring new lands, but they contain many dangers. Try to complete your mission by avoiding wild animals that will attack you at any time. Don't forget to collect items that help you complete your mission best. Now prove your ability to run, jump, and fight as you overcome all the dangers ahead!

How To Play

Are you ready for a journey through this dangerous, spooky forest? If you're ready, make a specific plan for yourself that will help you preserve your life and go as far as possible when completing your mission. Be observant and careful in your every step; this forest is full of dangers. Wild animals will attack you when you get close to them. Jump on them and run forward to escape them. Preserving life is paramount. If you are careless and do not react in time, they will attack and take away part of your life. Keep an eye on your remaining life bar and be more careful with every move. Don't forget to collect items along the way, such as wood and stone, to build shelter and light fires to survive the cold nights. At the same time, it will help you create new items such as spikes, swords, and hats to help you survive attacks from dangerous creatures in the night. Prove you are a brave and capable hero!


WASD = move/jump, Mouse = attack/collect/build

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